Kids on Canvas Program (3-12 yrs)

Kids on Canvas Program (3-12 yrs)

Level 1: ages 3-6

Level 2: ages 6-12


Kids On Canvas is one of our most popular classes, where kids can learn all about painting! In this class we will learn how to paint with acrylic on canvas board. Each lesson is unique and a new topic is introduced every 4 weeks allowing kids to learn and experience a wide variety of artistic  ideas and concepts. Each topic will introduce new artists, styles, vocabulary and techniques to learn along with new tools and materials for the students to use. These materials include, easels, brushes, palettes and palette knives, we will also learn to use everyday materials in creative ways to make mixed media paintings. Our topics explore the complete history of art, from ancient art  to modern and contemporary art. Some of the artists we will learn about include. Renoir, Mondrian, Jackson Pollock, Vincent Van Gogh and many others. We offer two levels (Lvl 1 ages 3-6 and Lvl 2 ages 6-12) to accommodate different age groups and skill levels allowing each child to gain valuable artistic skills.

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