Young Artist Program (6-18 yrs)

Young Artist Program (6-18 Yrs)

Level 1: ages 6-9

Level 2: ages 10-12

Level 3: ages 13-18


Our Young Artist Program is perfect for those looking to further develop their artistic skills and learn advanced art techniques. We offer 3 levels to accommodate different age groups and skill levels (Lvl 1 ages 6-9, Lvl 2 ages 10-12, Lvl 3 ages 13-18). A new topic will be introduced every 4 weeks meaning students will stay interested and challenged. This class will develop skills in drawing (charcoal, graphite and markers) painting (acrylic, watercolour and gouache) and clay (ceramic and sculpture) allowing students to explore and experiment with wide variety of art mediums. Each new topic will also introduce a new theme and art style including realism, observational drawing, still life painting, landscape painting, portrait drawing/painting and much more. Our experienced teachers will guide students through the art making process providing a creative, nurturing  and fun learning environment. 

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