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Lauren : 3.5 years old

“ Lauren enjoys Abrakadoodle art class very much, we displayed all her artwork on a wall at home, she is so pround to show off her “gallery” to any friends who visit our home. She enjoys talking about the arty words and skills she has learnt in Abrakadoodle classes. ”


Lucas : 5.5 years old

“For Lucas, The most enjoyable thing during the week is to attend Abrakadoodle art class!” He loves to use the new skills and techniques learnt during the art class and apply them on the artwork he does at home or at his school. He loves to talk about the arty words he learnt in Abrakadoodle class.”


Myra : 7.5 years old

“When Myra first came to Abrakadoodle she was shy but now her favourite part of art class is the presentation where she can talk all about what she made and her artistic ideas. This has made her more confident at public speaking at school and her mum is really impressed with her growing confidence and how intelligence she sounds when she speaks about art.”

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